At Ever-Power Group Co. Ltd., we produce premium quality shaft collars, rigid couplings, coupling adapters, and many other mechanical components used in motion control, power transmission, mounting, and clamping applications. One of the common inquiries we receive is regarding the weldability of the various products we offer. We recommend that only the standard products made from AISI 1018 steel, 1215 steel, C1026 steel or 316 stainless steel be welded to protect the integrity of the part and the safety of workers.

The reason for this recommendation is that certain mild steel alloys that are used to provide high strength components while remaining cost competitive contain lead. While the lead does not pose a health threat to workers when contained in the solid alloy, welding may produce toxic fumes. Similarly, many plating materials, such as chrome and zinc, can produce hazardous fumes. The sulphur contained in 303 stainless steel improves machining but does not promote weldability. Properties of aluminum alloys make it very difficult to weld even by the most experienced professionals.

If a weldable part is required and is not available among our standard product offerings, our team is happy to help create a special design from a weldable material with the desired part features.

For additional information about weldable products, contact us directly.