The Ever-Power product line consists of four main product offerings. These include The G, S, V and W series. The G series includes a variety of reducer configurations with a c-face motor insight. The S series can be a hollow result shaft series that’s designed to be shaft mounted. The V series includes a vertical result shaft and so are specifically designed for mixing, blending and conveying applications. The W series are designed for the many taxing applications. These products feature the universal input style (shaft input). They incorporate huge bearings, large shafts, casing fins, and various other features to maximize performance.
​​G Series, C-Face input
S Series, Shaft Mounted worm gear reducer
V Series, Vertical output shaft design
W Series, Shaft input, Shaft output style
Broad size range 1″ thru 11″ center distance available
Heavy duty worm gear speed reducers with output torque capacities up to 132,000 In/Lbs
Ever-Power Double Reduction Rate Reducers are two stage worm decrease units. A specially designed primary worm reduction unit is integrally mounted on a standard single reduction Greaves worm reducer which forms the second stage. The composite products provide the most compact and rigid set up for large reduced amount of speed necessary for sluggish moving machinery. A wide variety of ratios upto 4900:1 is available.
The wormshafts are made from high quality case hardening steeL accurately generated, ground and superfinished. The wormwheels include phosphor bronze centrifugally cast rims of significant sections welded to rigid centres. Considerable flexibility of shaft layout is usually permissible with all types of Double Reduction units. The double reduction worm gearbox dimension drawing for every series shows the various shaft handing arrangements and the correct reference should be quoted when purchasing.

The Ever-Power products offers a broad size range extending from 1.0” center distance to 11.0” center distance. The output torque capacity of this product reaches to 132,000 in-pounds to accommodate a sizable number of applications.

• Rugged cast iron housings
• Precision gears
• High performance bearings
• Large shafts