The timing chain functions in the same way that a timing belt does. The difference between the two is simply the material and area. One is made from metal and the additional, a reinforced rubber. Though timing chains were used first, belts were released into automobiles in the 1960s. Belts are timing chain china quieter and because of their material, less costly to produce. Timing chains are housed within the engine and receive lubrication from engine oil and can last a long time, while timing belts are located outside of the engine and have a tendency to dry out and crack. Within the last few years, however, more vehicle manufacturers have integrated timing chains back to some vehicles with vast improvements like a reduction in sound and vibrations, different then a timing belt not all water pumps are powered by the timing chain. Verify your owner’s manual to know what kind of timing procedure your vehicle utilizes because they can vary greatly from year to yr and by a car manufacturer.