Custom Manufacturing

Ever-Power Group Co. Ltd. has always welcomed custom manufactured shaft collars and rigid couplings as an everyday part of our business. We must be doing something right; our list of previously made specials is longer than our standard product line!

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and affordably we can turn your print, sketch or even a word description into a finished product for your application. RFQ's are answered in 24 hours or less. Whether your need is for just one or thousands, EP can be your "in-house" machine shop.

Special Features often involve:

Materials: Alloy steels, stainless steels, aluminum, titanium, brass, copper, Hastelloy®, and more.

Modifications to Standard PartsModifications to Standard Parts: When we perform the modification, you're guaranteed it will be done correctly, on schedule and at a reasonable cost.
More Holding PowerMore Holding Power: EP has standard products with a variety of configurations and associated holding characteristics. If a standard product doesn't meet your needs, we're happy to explore the alternatives.
Large PartsLarge Parts: With outside diameters up to 14" and lengths up to 12".
Small PartsSmall Parts: With outside diameters as small as 0.500"
Enhanced FunctionalityEnhanced Functionality: Our modern equipment and extensive experience can be put to work for you. Your design can have greater value when you combine EP's clamping power with specially machined features such as attachment points, cam surfaces, O-ring grooves, slots, flanges, etc.
Assemblies: EP can supply complete assemblies, assuring quality and on-time delivery.
Composite ProductsComposite Products: There are many applications that are best served by a composite part, such as a special Accu-Clamp hub with a molded-on Urethane drive wheel. Whether your application requires an integral wheel, gear, fan blade, suction cup or other unique feature, combining it with an economical, easy to use, high-strength clamping hub by EP will often be the ideal solution.
HardnessHardness: Standard parts can be case-hardened for extra toughness. Thru-hardened parts can be made from heat-treatable alloys.
Plating and Surface TreatmentsPlating and Surface Treatments: Special plating (zinc, nickel, chrome, decorative, for example) or surface treatments (bright dip, electro-polishing, clear or colored anodizing) can be used to enhance the appearance or performance of any part.