12V Straight DC Motors without gearing.

These are simple DC motors, simply as the title states. These are a directly DC motor without gearbox whatsoever.
We offer these simple motors in assorted power ranges at 12VDC motors which are compatible with our range of DC Speed controllers.

Without gearing, these universal motors are made for scooters or e-bikes using belts and chains (with varying size sprockets) to create high torque or moderate torque with higher speeds!
While primarily made for scooter or go-kart use, they are a favorite range for hobbyists and 12v Motor inventors.

While these are low cost motors, there is nothing cheap about the quality. They are simply just motors that are made in such large amounts they can be created with a minimal price point.
The are manufactured in mass, so while its expensive to get changes made (quantity should be purchased) the share motor is low priced due to its availability and widespread use.