Surroundings compressor is one of the general devices in manufacturing industry. It is necessary for enterprises to do a good job in energy-saving administration of surroundings compressor. In order to increase production cost, it is urgent for enterprises to set up high efficiency atmosphere compressors. So how to save energy for surroundings compressor? This paper summarizes eight common ways of conserving energy for air flow compressor, hoping to greatly help energy-eating enterprises obtain the purpose of saving electricity and reducing intake.

For the air compressors which have been listed in the national elimination catalogue of high energy consumption devices and have low energy effectiveness, it’s important to consider the entire renewal of new air compressors with high energy performance.

1, governance leaks.

According to the calculation, a 1 mm2 orifice leaks on the subject of 1.5 L/S under 7 bar pressure. Examine all pipeline systems and gas points, especially joints and valves, and handle leakage factors in time.

2, pressure drop governance.

Pressure gauges are create to measure pressure through pipeline sections, and pressure drop of every section is checked in detail, and the troubled pipeline sections are checked and maintained in time. General surroundings compressor outlet to the gas stage, pressure drop cannot exceed 1 bar, strict or actually no more than 10% that is 0.7 bar, cold-dried out filter section pressure drop is normally 0.2 bar. Factory layout so far as feasible annular pipe network, balance each point with surroundings pressure.

3, adjust the pressure matching of gas apparatus.

Evaluate the pressure requirements of the gas gear, and reduce the exhaust pressure of the air compressor when the creation is guaranteed. The exhaust pressure of the air flow compressor reduces by 1bar and the energy conservation is about 7~10%.

4, adjust irrational utilization of gas behavior.

According to authoritative data, the energy utilization rate of surroundings compressor is about 10%. About 90% of air flow compressor is converted to heat energy loss. It’s important to judge the pneumatic tools for factory use and whether it can be solved by electric method. At the same time, we must resolutely end the routine washing work with compressed air.

5, adopt centralized control mode.

If the amount of air compressors is small, one variable frequency air compressor can be utilized to modify the pressure. If the number is large, centralized linkage control can be used to avoid the stepped exhaust pressure rise due to the parameter placing of multiple surroundings compressors.

6, execute a good job in gear maintenance and washing.

Increase the heat dissipation effect of the atmosphere compressor, the exchange effect of the heat exchanger such as drinking water cooling and surroundings cooling, and maintain the essential oil quality.

7, the waste high temperature recovery of air flow compressor.

Recovery of atmosphere compressor oil can be used to prepare hot water for other procedures or auxiliary living facilities.

8. Modification of drying system.

The new drying equipment uses air pressure air residual heat to dry and dehydrate compressed air, and the energy conservation rate timing pulley exceeds 80%.