Hard anodized light-weight 7076-T6 aluminum construction
Holes drilled for weight-loss
Fits many Team Associated vehicles, and may also be utilized in other
vehicles requiring 48 pitch gears
Fits motors with 1/8″ diameter shaft
Laser etched tooth count
Two set screw holes
Factory Team 34T 48P Aluminium Pinion Gear with Collection Screw
Number of Teeth: 34
Gear Pitch: 48
Hole Diameter: 1/8″
jxs 01/28/16

Features and Benefits
Proven Design
Decades of machine employ on various applications
B pad mounting flange allows for higher pressure applications
Improved Efficiency
Better bearing lubrication system uses inlet oil instead of high pressure oil, bettering volumetric efficiency for even more power output
The highly polished shaft and gears improve mechanical efficiency and aluminum gear reduce wear on these components, increasing the service your life and reliability of the pump.
The optimized trapped oil relief areas lessen pressure ripple for quieter operation. This also reduces the input vitality requirements.

Technical Information
Rotation: CCW or CW
Mounting Flange: SAE B 2 Bolt
Maximum Continuous Pressure: 248 bar [3600 PSI]*
Maximum Intermittent Pressure: 276 bar [4000 PSI]**
Minimum Swiftness at Continuous Pressure: 750 RPM
Maximum Rotating Torque by 0 Pressure: 4 Nm [36 lb-in]
Optimum Continuous Inlet Pressure: 107°C [225°F]
Minimum Operating Temperature: -29°C [-20°F]
Maximum Inlet Vacuum for Operating Condition: 6.0 In. Hg

Ever-Power aluminum equipment motors are the ideal decision for a wide selection of applications from the tiny to the method and large off-highway vehicles.