A characteristic feature of these Cast iron chain CC600 is their uncomplicated still sturdy forged metal design. They are especially appropriate for applications that entail pulling or conveying significant hundreds, for instance in the timber or construction material industries, in pallet conveyor techniques, or for moving barrels, bulk containers, gas bottles and cage pallets.

The Cast iron chains CC600 can be relied on to deal with the toughest traction purposes and shift the heaviest loads even in rugged situations and in excess of lengthy distances. An enhance of measured breaking masses by about 25 per cent can be achieved by the use of cast steel fairly than cast iron chains. As an substitute, there is also a galvanized, zinc plated edition for further corrosion defense. Threaded pins in the connecting website link make the chain effortless to close and unclose. The solid steel iron chain can also be provided on ask for in a plastic version. Chains are available with a pitch of sixty three.five mm and with or with out TAB.

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