The gearbox has the function of protecting the engine in the transmission. During operation, the gearbox is certainly put through to a huge torque. When the overload is usually transmitted to the motor, only the overload amount is divided by the decrease ratio. If it is straight borne by the electric motor, the motor may be damaged. When the overload is extremely large, the deceleration chance is definitely damaged first, and the gear box can be used only after replacing the extra parts. The cost is usually relatively low. If the electric motor is usually straight broken, the maintenance is usually fairly slow and the price is high.

Adding a gear box can reduce the moment of inertia, generally the square of the speed ratio is Taper Pulleys normally reduced, which usually is normally extremely important for control, and can control the begin and end and moving in time. Increasing the torque through the gear reducer is normally comparative to raising the input power, which can decrease the power needed to input the engine (in the case where acceleration legislation can be required). Generally, the motor is definitely even more expensive than the reducer, so consider utilizing a gear box. The operating concept of the gearbox varies according to the type of gear reducer. At present, the overall performance of the gear box is supposed to be to the Tomas planetary gear gear box. The transmitting system of the planetary gear gear reducer is definitely a gear. The framework diagram is not attracted, it is usually extremely simple. Think about having two huge and one small circles, two circles concentric, and three additional small circles in the band part between the two circles. The largest one of all the circles is usually the internal ring equipment, and the various other four small circles are equipment. The middle one is certainly called the sunlight wheel, and the other three little rounds are called the planetary wheel. The servo electric motor drives the sunlight gear of the reducer, and the sun gear memory sticks the planetary equipment backed on the internal band gear. The planetary equipment transmits the meshing transmitting with the outer ring gear to drive the result shaft linked to the external band gear to attain the deceleration. Purpose, the reduction ratio is related to the specs of the equipment train. As for the selection, it is certainly related to the kind of servo motor utilized and the specialized requirements in the program.