● For car & wheel washing systems, requiring speed reduction

● Integrated gearbox

● Windings made out of monocomponent polyester resin

● IP56 | waterproof with no cooling

● Compact and noiseless

● Suitable against dampness and chemical substances (detergents)

● No need of maintenance
The two gearbox ranges that make up this line are the worm speed reducer CWT050/CWTS050 and the small helical gearbox Worm Gear Motors Helical Gear Reducers For Automatic Car Washing Machines Drive CMG002. Both gearbox ranges are perfect for use in car wash tools. The CWT050/CWTS050 have already been designed and produced to move the brushes (horizontally and vertically) in the car clean and the helical gearbox is used to go the brushes that clean the vehicles wheels.