A reduction drive is a mechanical gadget to shift planetary gearbox rotational swiftness. A planetary decrease drive is a little scale edition using ball bearings within an epicyclic arrangement rather than toothed gears.

Reduction drives are found in engines of all kinds to increase the quantity of torque per revolution of a shaft: the gearbox of any car is a ubiquitous exemplory case of a decrease drive. Common home uses are washers, meals blenders and window-winders. Reduction drives are also utilized to decrease the rotational velocity of an insight shaft to a proper output speed. Reduction drives could be a gear train style or belt driven.

Planetary reduction drives are usually attached between the shaft of the adjustable capacitor and the tuning knob of any kind of radio, to allow good adjustments of the tuning capacitor with soft movements of the knob. Planetary drives are used in this situation to avoid “backlash”, which makes tuning easier. If the capacitor drive has backlash, when one efforts to listen in a station, the tuning knob will feel sloppy and it will be hard to execute small adjustments. Gear-drives could be made to haven’t any backlash by using split gears and springtime tension but the shaft bearings have to be very precise.